27 September 2020 CHO Important MCQ

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27 September 2020 CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

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27 September 2020 CHO Important MCQ:-

1. Time required for autoclaving at 15 lbs per
square inch pressure and 121°C temperature is ?


2. To sterlize disposable syringes, the method of sterlization used is ?


3. All of the following are dimensions of health except ?


4. Which is not the element of communication ?


5. Nonverbal communication includes all the
following except ?


6. Oral hormonal contraceptives should be commenced from ?


7. Contraceoptive oral pills healp in birth control by ?


8. The major cause of Infant mortality rate in
India is ?


9. Disease occurring at the same time in different countries is known as ?


10. According to Census of India, Which year is
called “Year of big divide” ?


11. Hospital dressing are best destroyed by ?


12. ASHA stands for ?


13. Which one of the following is not functions of the sub-center ?


14. During the first week of infection, Dengue can be best detected by ?


15. Incubation period of Rabies depend on ?


16. Which of the following is not a screening test for breast cancer in India ?


17. Bhore Committee is also known as ?


18. The basic unit to measure the amount of
activity in a radioactive sample is ?


19. In India which disease is near to elimination ?


20. Recommended disinfectant used for handling spills is ?


26 September 2020 Test Answers:-

Correct Answers are:-

Correct answers are:-

1) A

2) D

3) D

4) C

5) C

6) C

7) B

8) B

9) C

10) D

11) B

12) C

13) D

14) A

15) D

16) D

17) A

18) B

19) C

20) A

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