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13 / 2 / 2021 CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

13 / 2 / 2021 CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

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13 Feb 2021 CHO Important MCQ:-

1. Medline neck swelling is called ?


2. Sinister lump in the Brest is seen first


3. Osteosarcoma is known as ?


4. Which of the following factors would most likely be a primary cause of hemorrhoids ?


5. Client education should include minimizing client discomfort due to hemorrhoids – nursing management should include ?


6. Which position would be ideal for the client in the early post – operative period after hemorrhoidectomy ?


7. Laxative as fiber use in ?


8. Sphinctertomy surgery is used to treat ?


9. The most common hernia females is ?


10. The nerve most commonly injured in laproscopic pre peritoneal inguinal hernia repair is ?


11. One of the following is to regarding hydrocele ?


12. Inflammation of test is called ?


13. In patients who developed documented episode of deep venous thrombosis the most significant long term is ?


14. Pressure ulcer are categorize as ?


15. A good way to assist your patient’s pressure ulcer risk is used to ?


16. Which of the following intervention is most appropriate for bed ridden patients ?


17. What is the most common region of patient develop pressure ulcer ?


18. What are the most common site of the pressure ulcer ?


19. When positioning patients on their sides , you should do the following ?


20. Which of the following is not directly related with burger’s disease ?


13 Feb 2021 CHO Important MCQ:-

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