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15 / 2 / 2021 CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

15 / 2 / 2021 CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

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15 Feb 2021 CHO Important MCQ:-

1. What are symptoms an ear infection ?


2. What is the first indication of pressure injury ?


3. Spray of oxymethazoline 0.5 % is used for ?


4. The newborn maturity rating scale is assessed by?


5. Following are immediate essential care to be provided to all the preterm babies?


6. A what temperature hypothermia occur to the newborn.


7. A tracheoesophageal fistula should be suspected in a neonate immediately after birth of three following is present.


8. All of the following are cause of hydrocephalus ‘except


9. All of the following are cause of hydrocephalus ‘exceptAbnormally high accumulation CSF in the intracranial space is called.


10. “Sunset “eye is typical feature of.


11. The term “meningocele” means.


12. Spina bifida occurs due to.


13. Exstrophy of bladder mainly associated with.


14. The urethra which opens on the dorsal surface of the penis is termed as-


15. The cyanotic congenital heart disease is.


16. For which of the following condition is a client with multiplè myelbma momtored.


17. Client with leukemia has neutropenia which of the following function must be frequently assessed


18. Which of the following statement is correct about the rate of cell growth in relation to chemotherapy?


19. At the time of diagnosis of hodgking limphoma,which of the following area is obtain involved?


20. Which of the following laboratory values is expected for a client just diagnose with chronic lymphocytic leukemia?


15 Feb 2021 CHO Important MCQ:-

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