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20 / 2 / 2021 CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

20 / 2 / 2021 CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

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20 Feb 2021 CHO Important MCQ:-

1. For which of the following condition is a client with multiple myeloma monitored


2. Client with leukemia has neutropenia which of the following function must be frequently assessed


3. Which of the following statement is correct about the rate of cell growth in relation to chemotherapy?


4. At the time of diagnosis of hodgking limphoma,which of the following area is obtain involved?


5. Which of the following laboratory values is expected for a client just diagnose with chronic lymphocytic leukemia?


6. Which of the following intervention is the key to increasing the cervical rate of client with lung – cancer?


7. Giving instruction for breast self-examination is particularly important for client with which of the following medical problems?


8. Nausea and vomiting are common adverse effect of radiation in chemotherapy, when should a nurse administer antiemetic.


9. In which of the following disease would bone marrow transplantation not be indicated in a new diagnosed clients?


10. Which of the following is a risk factor of developing breast cancer?


11. Which of the following is suggested surgical intervention for CA prostate?


12. Nurse is teaching a client who suspected that she has lump in her breast. The nurse instructs the client that a diagnosis of breast cancer is confirmed by-


13. A with tumor lysis syndrome is taking allopurinol which laboratory value should be the nurse monitor to determine the effectiveness of the medication?


14. which information noted by the nurse reviewing the laboratory results of a patient who is receving chemotherapy is most important to report to the health care provider?


15. Commonest carcinoma deaths of the world is due to cancer of ?


16. The diagnosis of cancer in which a sample of tissue is taken and examined under microscope is known as


17. Use of drug to kill to tumor cell by which cellular function and interfering reproduction is known as


18. Use of drug to kill to tumor cell by which cellular function and interfering reproduction is known as


19. The most appropriate nursing intervention for a client with pruritus caused by cancer or its treatment is?


20. How many more time likely smokers to get oral cancer?


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