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CHO free MCQ Test Series, CHO Marathi doctor, CHO Important 20 MCQ with answers, Maharashtra CHO Exam 2021, Get Result with Correct Answers. No need of login. Community Health Officer, CHO MCQ with answers.

CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

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Top 5 Books For CHO & Nursing Exam:-

  1. Target High Hindi Book & Target High English Book
  2. NHM (CHO) Community Health Officer Competition Guide
  3. PR Yadav’s NHM Community Health Officer Guide Paperback – 31 August 2020
  4. Mission CHO Guide/Community Health Officer Book/Best book for all State’s CHO Exams/Staff Nurse Book/Coloured/English/2nd Edition-2021 Paperback – 1 January 2020
  5. Comprehensive Guide For nursing Competitive Exam 5th ed 2020 Paperback – 22 November 2020

CHO Important MCQ:-

1. Which is true about retraction


2. False contractions characteristics (Braxton-hicks) all true except


3. All statement is true about partograph except one


4. The first plotting of partograph is always on


5. Moving to the right of alert line indicates


6. In a partograph, descend of fetal head as assessed by abdominal examination is denoted by


7. Basal foetal heart rate is in between


8. It is an important indication of how adequately the pelvis can accommodate the feetal skull is termed as


9. Routine vaginal examination is to avoid


10. Moderate uterine contractions lasts


11. Which statement is true


12. A systematic examination of pelvic organs especially vulva and cervix is referred as


13. Vaginal examination is done to


14. Vaginal examination is done under


15. For the vaginal examination, the position in which women lie on her back with legs flexed and knee apart is known as


16. Eye protectors while assisting a labour process is used to protect from


17. In vaginal examinations, the following statements is true except


18. During vaginal examination, cervix is assessed for


19. If color of liquor is blood stained it indicates


20. Cervical softening is referred as


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