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CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

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Top 5 Books For CHO & Nursing Exam:-

  1. Target High Hindi Book & Target High English Book
  2. NHM (CHO) Community Health Officer Competition Guide
  3. PR Yadav’s NHM Community Health Officer Guide Paperback – 31 August 2020
  4. Mission CHO Guide/Community Health Officer Book/Best book for all State’s CHO Exams/Staff Nurse Book/Coloured/English/2nd Edition-2021 Paperback – 1 January 2020
  5. Comprehensive Guide For nursing Competitive Exam 5th ed 2020 Paperback – 22 November 2020

CHO Important MCQ Test No. 51:

1. Which part of pancreas produce and secrete insulin? 


2. In High grade fever, the body temperature is- 


3. Which of the following is NOT an endocrine gland?   


4. When pulse rate is less than 60 beats per minute, it is called- 


5. Decreased amount of oxygen in blood is known as- 


6. Which of the following comprised of seven bones ?


7. Anatomically how many lobes liver have –


8. Collar bone is known as – 


9. Which type of blood cells are associated with clotting  


10. Central Nervous System is made up of   


11. When was India declared polio free?


12. What is life expectancy at birth in India- 


13. Infant Mortality Rate in India is-


14. Which statement is not true-


15. Incubation period is the period between –


16. What is virulence-


17. Ability of a pathogen to establish an infection is called –


18. Agent, host and …….. make it a epidemiological triad. 


19. Bronchial asthma is relates to- 


20. Secondary prevention means- 


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