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CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions 

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  1. Target High Hindi Book & Target High English Book
  2. NHM (CHO) Community Health Officer Competition Guide
  3. PR Yadav’s NHM Community Health Officer Guide Paperback – 31 August 2020
  4. Mission CHO Guide/Community Health Officer Book/Best book for all State’s CHO Exams/Staff Nurse Book/Coloured/English/2nd Edition-2021 Paperback – 1 January 2020
  5. Comprehensive Guide For nursing Competitive Exam 5th ed 2020 Paperback – 22 November 2020

CHO Important MCQ Test No. 54

1. What is not true about severe pneumonia in a child aged 11 months  


2. PCV vaccine is given to protect against


3. Measles should not be used if has been more than…..hours after reconstitution.


4. Dose of vitamin A, given along with measles  vaccine is for a child of 16 months is


5. Which vaccine prevents congenital rubella syndrome.


6. All of the following are given intramuscularly except.


7. The minimum legal age limit for employment of children is 


8. First sign of puberty in girls is


9. ICTC stands for


10. The counseling tips for adolescents include all of the following except


11. Adolescent mothers are at a high risk of


12. What is different amongst the choices given


13. What is true about male sterilization 


14. What is ‘Antara’? 


15. Women of reproductive age refers to all women aged


16. What is not true about male contraception


17. Syphilis is a complex systemic sexually transmitted infection caused by


18. What is the total duration of treatment of Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis.


19. A combination of drugs is used in the treatment of tuberculosis in order to


20. DOTS in reference to Tuberculosis means


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