CHO Important MCQ Test 11

शेअर करा - आरोग्य विषयक खालील माहिती आवडल्यास नक्की शेअर करा.

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30 September 2020 CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

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30 September 2020 CHO Important MCQ:-

1) In which of the following patients would Enalaprilbe the best first line agent for high blood pressure control ?

(A). A 62-year old man with renal artery stenosis

(B). A 32-year old pregnant female

(C). A 41-year-old women with hyperkalemia

(D). A 56-year-old diabetic women

2) Which of the following is a monovalent cation that can reverse a digitalis induced arrhythmia ?

(A). Digiband antibodies

(B). Lignocaine

(C). Magnesium

(D). Potassium

3) Devesh is working as a CEO in a company. He has a travelling job. He is a known diabetic controlled on oral hypoglycaemic drugs. On his recent visit to the doctor, his BP was found to be 164/102 mm Hg. Most suitable drug for this patient should be ? 

(A). Propranolol

(B). Enalapril

(C). Clonidine

(D). Hydrochlorthiazide

4) Chronic use of which of the following medications is most likely to cause osteoporosis ?

(A). Lovastatin

(B). Propranolol

(C). Warfarin

(D). Prednisone

5) A young female Karishma comes to you in the gynaecology OPD and gives the history that she had intercourse with her boyfriend 5 hours back Select the drug that can act as a single dose postcoital contraceptive for her ?

(A). Clomiphene citrate

(B). Mifepristone

(C). Danazol

(D). Medroxyprogesterone acetate

6) You decide not be prescribe Sildenafil in a patient because the patient told you that he is taking an antianginal drug. Which of the following can it be 

(A). Calcium channel blockers

(B). Beta adrenergic blockers

(C). Organic nitrates

(D). Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors

7) Chronotropic effect means ?

(A). Drugs affecting the contractility of heart

(B). Drug affecting heart rate

(C). Drugs affecting the myocardial blood flow

(D). Drugs affecting diastolic relaxation

8) A hypertensive patient was started on some anti-hypertensive drug but he developed dry cough. Which of the following drug can be responsible for the effect ?

(A). Calcium channel blockers

(B). Beta adrenergic

(C). ACE inhibitors

(D). Diuretics

9) ACE inhibitors are contraindicated in ?

(A). Hypertension

(B). MI

(C). Renal artery stenosis

(D). Left ventricular dysfunction

10) Drug of choice for termination of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia is ?

(A). Digoxin

(B). Propranolol

(C). Adenosine

(D). Diltiazem

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11) Which of tyhe following anti-diabetic drugs is associated with lactic acidosis ?

(A). Tolbutamide

(B). Glipizide

(C). Pioglitazone

(D). Metformin

12) The most likely complication of insulin therapy in ketoacidosis is ?

(A). Dilutional hyponatremia

(B). Hypoglycaemia

(C). Increased bleeding tendency

(D). Pancreatitis

13) Which of the following condition is not a contraindication to the use of ACE inhibitors ?

(A). Bilateral renal artery stenosis

(B). Diabetes mellitus

(C). Hyperkalemia

(D). Pregnancy

14) All of the following drugs can cause Gynaecomastia except ?

(A). Digoxin

(B). Amiloride

(C). Cimetidine

(D). Ketoconazole

15) One of the health benefits of the use of combined oral contraceptives in premenopausal women is that these contraceptives reduce the risk of ?

(A). Deep vein thrombosis

(B). Migraine

(C). Ovarian cancer

(D). Ischemic stroke

16) A patient Vipin has been taking digoxin for several years and is about to receive atropine for some other indication. A common side effect of digoxin that can be blocked by atropine ?

(A). Decreased appetite

(B). Increased cardiac contractility

(C). Increased PR interval on the ECG

(D). Tachycardia

17) Which of the following is not associated with thiazide diuretics ?

(A). Hypercalciuria

(B). Hyponatremia

(C). Hypokalemia

(D). Hyperuricemia

18) Long-term use of which diuretic agent can result in gynaecomastia ?

(A). Amiloride

(B). Spironolactone

(C). Triamterene

(D). Acetazolamide

19) Vasopressin decreases the volume of urine primarily by causing ?

(A). Decrease in glomerular filtration rate

(B). Decrease in renal blood flow

(C).Decrease in water permeability of descending limb of loop of Henle

(D). Increase in water permeability of collecting duct cells

20) Site of action of furosemide is ?

(A). Thick ascending limb of loop of Henle

(B). PCT

(C). DCT

(D). Descending limb

30 September 2020 CHO Important MCQ Correct Answers are:-

1) D

2) D

3) B

4) D

5) B

6) C

7) B

8) C

9) C

10) C

11) D

12) B

13) B

14) B

15) C

16) C

17) A

18) B

19) D

20) A

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