CHO, Nursing Important MCQ Test 15

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शेअर करा - आरोग्य विषयक खालील माहिती आवडल्यास नक्की शेअर करा.

CHO free MCQ Test Series, CHO Marathi doctor, CHO Important 20 MCQ, CHO Exam 2020

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23 November 2020 CHO Important MCQ, Solve the following questions

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23 November 2020 CHO Important MCQ:-

Top 5 Books For CHO & Nursing Exam:-

  1. Target High Hindi Book & Target High English Book
  2. NHM (CHO) Community Health Officer Competition Guide
  4. CHO competition Exam guide book – NHM Community health officer (Hindi) Paperback
  5. Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam (Latest) with Over 3200 MCQ’s + 7 Model Test Papers Useful in All Exams Paperback

23 November 2020 Test Answers:-

Correct Answers are:-

1 A

2 C

3 A

4 B

5 A

6 C

7 C

8 D

9 B

10 B

11 C

12 B

13 B

14 B

15 A

16 C

17 B

18 D

19 D

20 D

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